The Moral Dilemma of Takeing Friend’s WGU Exam?

Examining Justifications for Skipping an Online WGU Exam

Is Doing an Online WGU Exam for a Friend Help or Enabling Them?

It may appear innocuous to take a friend’s online exam, especially if they are experiencing difficulties or pressures that keep them from finishing it on their own. But this seemingly kind act raises moral concerns about accountability, academic honesty, and the fallout from condoning dishonest behavior. This article examines the difficult moral dilemma that arises when taking a friend through an online WGU exam, as well as the potential effects on both sides.

Analyzing the Effects

1. Honesty in academics

Academic honesty is at the heart of the matter. Saying yes to an exam that someone else can take for you compromises the credibility of the educational system and minimizes the importance of academic success. It undermines the validity of academic qualifications and erodes confidence in the fairness and integrity of the assessment process.

2. Individual Accountability

While taking a friend’s exam could help them out in the short term, it ultimately denies them the chance to develop, acquire, and show off their skills and expertise. It encourages a culture of irresponsibility and dependency in which people put their trust in others to get them through difficult academic times rather than taking charge of their education.

Recognizing the intentions

1. The need for success

Friends may feel obligated to support one another to relieve tension, worry, or pressure from school. Even if it means sacrificing their integrity, people may look for help or shortcuts because of a fear of failing or a desire to keep a particular GPA.

2. A Fear of Repercussions

Exam failure can have serious repercussions, including academic probation, losing scholarships, and harm to one’s record in school. Friends may feel compelled to step in and stop these bad things from happening, even if it means going against moral principles.

Assessing the ethical

1. Preserving academic honesty

Sustaining academic integrity is essential to preserving the worth and legitimacy of education. Friends should put integrity, honesty, and moral behavior first, even if it means overcoming short-term obstacles or disappointments. Encouraging academic honesty has two benefits: promoting academic integrity and leveling the playing field for all students.

2. Fostering individual development

Genuine companionship entails enabling and encouraging one another to achieve success using sincere methods. Friends should support one another’s personal development, resiliency, and tenacity in the face of scholastic difficulties rather than condone dishonest activity. Stressing the value of perseverance, commitment, and self-development helps people develop their character and gets them ready for success in the real world.

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Looking for ethical remedies

1. Honest communication

Encourage friends to openly and honestly discuss academic performance issues and challenges. Establish a friendly atmosphere where friends can ask for resources, guidance, or assistance when they need it to get beyond challenges without using dishonest tactics.

2. Seeking expert assistance

Encourage friends who are having trouble with their examinations to get help from academic advisers, tutors, or counseling services. These materials provide students with valid support and direction to help them overcome obstacles and achieve better academically morally and responsibly.

In summary

In conclusion, choosing to take a friend’s online WGU exam presents important moral questions concerning responsibility, academic honesty, and the real nature of friendship. Even if there may be a great desire to lend a hand to a friend in need, it is crucial to put honesty, morality, and ethical behavior first. Through promoting transparent communication, obtaining expert assistance, and cultivating an environment of academic integrity, friends can effectively manage academic obstacles while maintaining the principles of honesty and excellence.

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