Why is It Important to Be Solely Responsible for Taking the WGU-proctored Exam?

Why is It Important to Be Solely Responsible for Taking the WGU-proctored Exam?

The academic model at Western Governors University (WGU), an online university, is flexible, so busy students can handle their education while taking care of other things. Of course, some students still look for ways to save time, like paying someone else to take their proctored test. It might look like this is a good way to avoid the stress and pressure of tests, but it is actually a bad idea that could hurt your academic standing. This blog post will talk about why you should be the only one responsible for taking your WGU-proctored test.

Academic Integrity:

Every university has strict guidelines regarding academic integrity, and WGU is no exception. The university expects students to complete their exams without any form of cheating, which includes hiring someone to take my WGU proctored exam on my behalf. The consequences of misconduct can vary from getting a grade reduction to being expelled from the university. Moreover, cheating will hinder your personal growth as a student since you won’t be able to learn and master the content covered in the exam.

Risk of Getting Caught:

The emotional and mental stress of cheating can be draining even if you don’t get caught. The weight of the fear of being caught, the chance of being blackmailed, and the shame of taking credit for someone else’s work can be too much to take. In addition, colleges use advanced methods and tools to find cheating, such as software that finds plagiarism, tools for video proctoring, and biometric authentication. You might think you’re not going to get caught, but you will, and the results aren’t worth it.

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Personal Responsibility:

As an adult, you need to be able to deal with the results of your deeds. When you take your WGU proctored test, you can show that you are responsible by managing your time, staying focused, and studying enough. It also lets you show that you can use what you’ve learned in real life, which is what education is all about in the end. It shows that you don’t care about responsibility or the value of schooling if you take short-cuts.

Experience Learning:

Exams are an important part of learning, and even though they can be painful, they help you see how well you understand the course information. You’ll push yourself to think critically, use what you’ve learned, and look at things in new ways when you take your WGU proctored test. Exams give you useful information that can change the way you study and help you see where you need to improve. If you cheat, you miss out on that chance and keep up bad habits that will hurt you in the long run.

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Professional Growth:

Finally, taking your WGU proctored test helps you grow professionally. You can use the skills you learn on an exam, like discipline, time management, and commitment, in your job, your personal life, and other parts of your life. Taking a test honestly also makes you look like a credible and trustworthy professional, which is a trait that employers really want to see in job candidates. But cheating can hurt your credibility and reputation, which can make it harder for you to advance in your job.

In conclusion:

Take your WGU proctored test. It is an important part of your academic journey. It’s a chance to show that you’re responsible, push yourself, and learn useful skills that will help you in many areas of your life. On the other hand, cheating hurts your academic ethics, puts you at risk of getting caught, and stops you from growing as a person and in your career. It’s important to resist the urge to cut corners and instead work on building a healthy and moral way of teaching. Remember that your degree is only useful if you can show that you understand the material, and no one else can do that for you.

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